The Lazy Business Owner’s Guide to Lead Gen

Effective Lead generation is make or break for every single business. If you don't attract new leads then you are going to struggle to stay in business for the long term. Yes, selling is obviously important but without leads in the first place you have no one to convert.

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Mind the Credibility Gap

The reality is people buy from those they Know Like and Trust AND they trust the physical World more than the Online World.  The issue is the vast majority of us are skeptical of the businesses we encounter online…the scams, the spam, the fly-by-nighters are way more prevalent in the [...]

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Is your Marketing Support Team (or lack thereof) Holding you Back?

I’m guessing that the problem is many entrepreneurs are trying to build a viable business on the smell of an oily rag BUT that’s the hard, slow and risky way. You work your butt off to build a business that delivers you an income stream and becomes an asset that you can flip later but for most it will only bring heartache.

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How to Align Content to Your Marketing and Sales Strategy

Sometimes you just have to state the bleeding obvious…content that doesn’t support your marketing and sales strategy is a total waste of time and money. Seems pretty obvious, however do you have a methodology of avoiding this all to common trap? Intertype’s 3 step formula will help you to keep your content on track

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Culinaire…an Aussie Success Story

I love it when a customer makes it big on the World stage, especially when the Intertype team have helped them achieve it. A recipe book Intertype printed for Culinaire Cooking School recently picked up two national “Gourmand” awards and the book has gone on to be shortlisted in two [...]

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Will you take the pledge this Australia Day?

With BREXIT in the UK and a new President in the White House trumpeting “buy American, hire American” it has become very obvious to me that all of us Aussies need to get on board and support the grass roots of our economy by buying Aussie made and Aussie owned.

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