Custom Calendars, Desk Calendars, Fridge Calendars, Wall Calendars and Wall Planners


The world would be a different place if only Napoleon new about the power of calendar giving. Get these babies right and you can take over from were he left off and rule the World (except for North Korea of course).

The three things you need to know to win the calendar war are:
  1. Make them attractive with creative design and using eye candy photos. You can supply your own, choose one of our themes or you can access Intertypes FREE image library of over 4 million photos,
  2. Incorporate your branding and contact details on every page, and
  3. Add a different product or promotion every month.

Custom Desk Calendars

Designed to fit the modern office where walls and even desk space have disappeared.

Options for under $250

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Custom Magnetic Calendars

Very popular. Great for sticking on refrigerators and filing cabinets.

Options for under $250

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Custom Wall Calendars

For clients who climbed the corporate ladder and live in an office with walls.

Options for under $250

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Custom Desk Pads

Super handy for jotting notes, encouraging creative doodling or exercising the inner graffiti artist.

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Custom Desk Pads

A2, A1 and A0 sizes are covered as well as custom super sizes.
Options for under $250

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  • Thank you for all your wonderful help, you have made our document look fantastic and you deserve to have a fantastic relaxing wonderful weekend!

    GP Network

  • I can’t thank you enough for the huge effort you have put in to get the folders, etc to me today. They all look fantastic and I really appreciate the speedy service.


  • Just a quick note to say thank you very much for all your good work on our binders, tabs and dvds. I’ve just been downstairs to have a look at them and they are fantastic. Thank you for getting them to us quickly.


  • Please thank the team for the stellar job that was performed under stressful conditions. Everybody loved the result and it was a mad rush to submit on Friday but all went smoothly.

    Vision Stream

  • What a champ! You pulled through and I do appreciate it. Many thanks to your great team.

    Leighton Constructions

  • I know that we have put you under some pressure over the last couple of weeks but I just wanted to say Thank You and to let you know that we have been successful in picking up the work for Boom Logistics and Lend Lease Primelife.