Increase revenue and reduce the sales cycle with a suite of ecommerce and offline sales conversion tools including proposal and tender documents.

  • Are you one of the 95% of businesses that don’t use e-commerce to generate sales?
  • Do you want to lift your sales conversion rates?
  • What is your average dollar sale?…you do know this don’t you?
Discover a rich array of e-commerce and offline tools that savvy businesses are using to Stand Out and Get Noticed and make more sales.

Make it easy for customers to do business with you

Removing friction in the sales process is a proven way of reducing the sales cycle while increasing sales conversion. The same applies for both online and offline sales processes.

Articulate the value you deliver

Are you still using quotes to communicate price? Bet you’re missing out on your fair share of sales. Ditch your quotes and only use proposals and in no time your sales conversion rate and average dollar sales value will skyrocket…read more

Maybe you pitch for really big deals and need to create tender documents that Stand Out and Get Noticed…read more

Surprise and delight new customers

Wow kits are a great way to make your new customers sit up and take notice. Businesses that use these enjoy greater long term customer loyalty and open up new revenue opportunities within the account.

Drive referrals

Nothing is sweeter than receiving a referral from a satisfied client. Customers that are your advocates are the ultimate low cost sales team. They convert at a higher rate and the entire marketing and sales process is significantly shorter.

Are you driving referrals in your business or are you just waiting for them to magically happen?

Fixing Follow Up Failure

  • Do you know that over 90% of prospect and customer enquiries aren’t properly followed up?
  • Do you know that over 60% of sales are lost due to perceived indifference?
  • Do you know the “follow up failure” numbers for your business?
Modern marketing and sales process automation tools will fix your “follow up failure” and improve customer relationships while giving your revenue & profitability a much needed boost.