How Custom Christmas Cards Could Help You Win The Game Of Thrones

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Well actually…I don’t know if custom Christmas cards will help you win the Game of Thrones but I do know they will help you win the battle for your customers business.

Last year I closed up shop on Christmas Eve feeling very lonely and unloved. You see, I had only received 4 Christmas cards and I have a very extensive business network plus over 30 key suppliers. I knew it wasn’t my deodorant (I scored well on Father’s Day) so I could only conclude that my relationship skills must suck big time.

Imagine my surprise when I returned to work after a 7 day break to find my inbox stuffed full of mail (over 2,500!) but lurking amongst the junk mail where over 150 e-cards. But wait…most contained executable files and not wanting to fill my computer with viruses, they all went into my junk folder, to be deleted without seeing the light of day.

Love can be such a fickle thing. At least I had my four Christmas cards to hold onto. I still have them siting on top of my filing cabinet hopeing they will be joined by more this Christmas.

Your Custom Designed Christmas Cards is as simple as 1, 2…3

Step 1: Sort Out The Artwork

Do you want to use your own graphic designers?

  • We will provide you with templates and artwork guidelines

Do you have a limited budget?

  • Select a base design from Intertype’s 17 templates,
  • Provide your logo preferably in vector format (.eps)
  • Provide the words you want to appear inside the card
  • Intertype will customise your Christmas card by incorporating your logo into the base design
  • There is no cost for artwork to create this style of branded Christmas card

Do you want a truly unique custom Christmas card?

  • Provide your logo preferably in vector format (.eps)
  • Intertype will create a unique Christmas card base design incorporating your logo and we will provide you with inside wording options
  • Artwork costs will apply for this style of custom branded Christmas card with a typical budget being $250 + GST

Step 2: Determine Data Merging Options

Save time by letting Intertype fully personalize your custom Christmas cards by merging your name and address data into the design, inserting into envelopes and lodging with Australia Post.

All we need is your name and address data supplied as a CSV or Excel file and Intertype does the rest. We will provide you with data templates to make life easy.

Step 3: Determine Quantity

Just let us know how many custom Christmas cards you require. Intertype will print your cards and provide Christmas themed envelopes.


  • Custom base design artwork
  • Data repair if required
  • Freight and postage
  • Goods and Services Tax
View Christmas Card Examples


Thank you for all your wonderful help, you have made our document look fantastic and you deserve to have a fantastic relaxing wonderful weekend!
GP Network
I can’t thank you enough for the huge effort you have put in to get the folders, etc to me today. They all look fantastic and I really appreciate the speedy service.
Just a quick note to say thank you very much for all your good work on our binders, tabs and dvds. I’ve just been downstairs to have a look at them and they are fantastic. Thank you for getting them to us quickly.
Please thank the team for the stellar job that was performed under stressful conditions. Everybody loved the result and it was a mad rush to submit on Friday but all went smoothly.
Vision Stream
What a champ! You pulled through and I do appreciate it. Many thanks to your great team.
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I know that we have put you under some pressure over the last couple of weeks but I just wanted to say Thank You and to let you know that we have been successful in picking up the work for Boom Logistics and Lend Lease Primelife.