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COVID Conversations

Our world has changed abruptly, with little warning, and we are now different. It is difficult enough for us all to understand and live in this new way, and even more difficult for our children.

This is something that I wanted to write, firstly for myself. Like many people, I am missing my family because I live alone. I miss seeing my friends, but it is the family that I miss most – missing my sons, daughters-in-law, especially my granddaughter, Hannah, almost 2 years old.

Having seen her quite regularly for many months, watching her growing and learning each day, I know I cannot see her – if I do, I can’t pick her up, cuddle or play with her or go to playgrounds. Like many others around the world.

She does not understand any of this.

All she knows is that Nanna doesn’t come any more. Sure, we Facetime and I can see her, but she doesn’t understand that either.

This helps me, because I can write how I might talk with her, if she were a little older, and it gives me something to do that sort of “involves” Hannah. One day, I hope she will read this and understand a little more about what happened, how much I love her – it’s her history as well as mine.

I also hope that my conversational episodes might start conversations in families. This new way of life is here to stay for a while. It is difficult, and gets more difficult as time goes by, for us all. Children understand early on, and then forget or just want it to end. Parents will be there, and can support their children. Teachers may choose to share this with their own children or with their students or parents – their choice.

These episodes talk about this invisible threat we all face. The texts answer questions, suggesting ways to talk and things to do that may be helpful. If this helps one child, in one family, then I will be happier for writing these conversations.                 

Take care, stay safe and well.

About The Author

Dr. Gail Brown

Gail Brown’s passion is learning and her PhD is in reading comprehension, specifically questioning. Gail has two married sons and one granddaughter. She walks early each morning to see the sunrise and lives on the coast near Sydney, Australia. Gail has written many texts for her classroom materials, and published her first book, COVID Conversations, about missing her granddaughter during social isolation. Gail has lectured at several Australian universities and presented at national and international literacy conferences for over 20 years. Gail is an education consultant and develops comprehension materials for and collaboratively with classroom teachers.

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self-publishing, print on demand, book printing
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