STOP PRESS: World’s First Collaborative Finished Artwork Service Melbourne

Avoiding common artwork errors just got easy

Intertype deals with 100’s of artwork files every week…and we see it all. In fact over 90% of the files we receive contain finished artwork errors that will result in reduced print quality and compromised marketing performance.

The reasons for this are many and varied. They include lack of experience, time pressures and not understanding the nerdy technical requirements of the multitude of printing processes and how they impact the finished artwork.

In our opinion marketers are asking too much of graphic designers to deliver outstanding creative solutions while supporting branding requirements AND deeply understand the every changing complex technical requirements in the production processes.

To deal with this Intertype has developed a Unique 5 pronged approach
1. Artwork Templates
2. Artwork Safety Check
3. Collaborative Artwork
4. Preparing files for production
5. Education

Helping Designers to Properly Prepare Artwork

Templates are available for more complex applications including
1. Ring Binders
2. Tab Dividers
3. Presentation Folders
4. Pull Up banners

Free resources to help graphic designers with
1. Outputting press ready PDFs
2. Using international PDF standards especially PDFX 1a
3. Colour spaces
4. Pre-fighting before sending off artwork files
5. An ever expanding range of training and awareness resources are being developed

Intertype’s Pre-Flight Process

The artwork file issues Intertype constantly encounters has lead to the development of a unique and comprehensive artwork quality checking process.

There is virtually an infinite variety of logic variations that can be used to create artwork along with massive number of Adobe software versions which means that Intertype can’t guarantee 100% of the problems are identified however current statistics are showing an over 99% success rate.

Every file we receive is processed via Intertype’s pre-flight process which is in effect an artwork quality check

Checks include
1. Colour spaces
2. Image resolution
3. Clear spaces
4. Image resolution
5. Trim sizes
6. Bleed
7. Compliance to the International standard PDFX 1a

If errors are found your designer will be notified and they can choose to either:
1. Go ahead without changes
2. Resubmit the file in which case a $25 + GST additional pre-flight fee will apply
3. Request Intertype to repair the file using our Collaborative Artwork service

Minor fixes to the PDF file maybe be possible, however the graphic designer needs to be careful with version control. Major fixes may require working with the original native design files

Collaborative Finished Artwork

Intertype’s collaborative and finished artwork services give you peace of mind knowing that your artwork will be faithfully reproduced in the print production processes while saving you time and holistic artwork costs.

1. Sometimes you may need some extra horsepower or resources to get that critical project across the line
2. You may need some help with the “nerdy” aspects of the Adobe suite of software to create well structured and colour managed press ready PDFs
3. You may require some images from our image library to use within your artwork
4. You may require help with formatting MS Word documents
5. You may have manuals or books that require multiple PDF files to be stitched together
6. Converting files to different file formats including ePub
7. Even some one on one coaching

Access Image Library

Intertype subscribes to one of the most comprehensive video libraries in the World. Customers can save hundreds of dollars per project by using the images covered by Intertype’s subscription. You should be mindful of:

1. Finished artwork must be printed by Intertype
2. You search the library and advise us of the image number and we will download it for you
3. Image down load fee applies of $25 + GST per image
4. Quantity limits may apply


1. Check resolutions
2. Adjust image sizes
3. Contouring of images
4. Convert colour separations to CMYK
5. Colour correcting

Illustrator and InDesign

1. Vector image corrections
2. Convert colour separations to CMYK
3. Set up the proper use of swatch colours
4. Embed and/or outline fonts
5. Set up appropriate bleed
6. Remove white backgrounds from images
7. Image scaling
8. Correcting linking issues
9. Preparing PDFs to the

international PDFX 1a standard

1. Outputting email quality proofs
2. Outputting press ready proofs

Formatting Contents for Manuals and Book Publishing

1. MSWord formatting
2. Creating tables of contents and indexes
3. nserting hyperlinks
4. Creating compiled print ready PDFs
5. Creating downloadable PDFs
6. Creating ePub files


Intertype’s clients gain access to an ongoing program of education around aspects that impact on the graphic design process. Intertype’s expertise doesn’t lie in the creative side of graphic design however we do understand:

  • Online and Offline Marketing
  • Brand Management
  • Colour Management
  • Digital Printing
  • Offset Printing
  • Screen Printing
  • Pad Printing
  • Print Finishing
  • Book Binding
  • Ring Binders
  • Tab Dividers