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good grief relief A beautifully illustrated, 56 page book with words that gently help one move through the grief process and return to a state of joy and wonder. The simple illustrations are asked to be coloured in and time seems to disappear! A thoughtful gift for a friend who needs support….or for you and the family to colour in!

Celebrate your loved one’s life.

Reel in the memories. Even the smallest things will trigger those. Forever.

Remind yourself from time to time that this is a human experience.

Everyone has a go at this, it’s your turn now.

Don’t pray for an easy life; pray for the strength that leads to long-term success and happiness!

Grief has no schedule. You can’t speed it up, you can’t slow it down.

Take as long as you need. You are allowed to grieve at your very own pace.

For you, your family, or a thoughtful gift for a friend.

Rebecca (Hickey) Rennie

Jon is a soulful talent who imbues every waking moment with creativity. A wise, philosophical man: the freest spirit I’ve ever known. We’ve been family friends for a long time and have lost many a loved one over the years. Grief comes cloaked in many guises, via several routes. The loss of a relationship, lifestyle, dream, health – they all trigger a grief process of sorts. I struggled to put myself back together after losing my beloved Dad in 2015, Michael Hickey. Jon was one of several friends who introduced me to an array of coping strategies, planting stepping stones beneath my feet.
He and I had worked together on my first two album covers. When I asked him if he would illustrate my journey through grief he suggested a colouring-in book. His idea made perfect sense. I work with children in music and theatre and have witnessed first-hand how creativity can settle the mind and heart after trauma. Whether you colour with a child or find solace in pondering each pearl one at a time in solitude, I hope these suggestions help you.
We trip and skip along the rubble of our slipshod lives but pebble by pebble we find a foothold. I’d like to dedicate this book to some never faltering friends who help me find mine. In particular; Brooke Logan, Kylie Maron-Vallorani, Alli James Dawson and Fenella Raines.

Jon Hawley

Rebecca and I go back a long way! She was 12 when her dad, Mike, came to my wife’s Arabian Stud to buy a beautiful horse, Zanny. Then after a gap of 20 years, Mike took me to one of her FREYjA concerts. I followed her career as she stunned audiences throughout the world with her moving songs and lovely voice. We remained close friends long after she moved from Ecuador to Japan then to Paris and eventually London.
I’m glad I could be there for her when she returned, grief-stricken, to Sydney after Mike passed away. We spent time in mourning, dealing
with her loss and discussed ways of coming to terms with the reality of life’s shifting paradigms. With Rebecca’s skills as a writer and mine as an artist, it dawned on us that we could help people with a simple, empathetic, illustrated book. Thus Grief Relief was born. At last it is here in print! We hope it helps you to move gently through the grief process and return to a state of joy and wonder.

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