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Self-publishing doesn’t have to be complex, confusing or costly.


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Ring Binders

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Tab Dividers

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How The Print Conversion Process Works

Printing Ideas


  • Correct engineering reduces total cost
  • Properly configured we often halve distribution costs
  • Stop wasting money with redundant stock
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  • Applying sound marketing principles will improve performance
  • Offline and online brand alignment will take performance to another level
  • Collaborative artwork will save time and money
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  • Quality printing will help you “Stand Out and Get Noticed”
  • Finishing touches will add the extra WOW factor
  • Timely and cost effective distribution enhances your customer’s experience

Welcome to the New World of Marketing and Sales Communications.

You now have access to a production facility with the widest set of integrated capabilities in the World. Intertype uses the latest online and offline production platforms to deliver “on Brand”, multi channel communications across the entire Marketing and Sales process.

Marketing and Sales Automation

Access an integrated suite of cloud based Marketing and Sales tools that encompass the entire funnel. Attract, Capture, Nurture, Convert just got easy.

Collaborative Finished Artwork

Access a unique collaborative finished artwork service that Graphic Designers love. Creating “On Brand” communications that work in the printing process and across all the online channels has never been easier…read more

Print Production and Finishing

Digital printing with short run finishing is convenient, cost effective, environmentally friendly and the quality is exceptional. It’s easy to see why Marketers, Graphic Designers, Bid Managers and Sales Managers are taking advantage of digital printing capability…read more

Ring Binders and Tab Dividers

Short run ring binders and tab dividers are a specialty across the entire budget range. Chose from PVC, polypropylene and printed wrap ring folders. There is a wide size range to choose from including A5, A4 and A3 in both portrait and landscape orientations…read more


Gain immediate authority and expert status by being a published author. Gain even more kudos by becoming an international best seller. Becoming a successful self published author has just gotten easy with a comprehensive service offering that is creating best seller books in under 30 days.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing has rapidly become the cornerstone of modern attraction marketing methodologies quite simply because of the massive ROI that can be achieved…if done properly.

Mobile Marketing

If your marketing and sales communications aren’t tuned to be consumed on smart phones you are missing out on over 25% of the opportunities. You need to get on board fast as this channel is rapidly growing in importance.

Video Marketing

Integrating video into your content and communications efforts is generating powerful results and is a channel all businesses need to explore.