While A Lot Of Effort Has Gone Into Making Your Information Product, The Real Work Is Just Beginning

Anybody who has been in business awhile knows that a well-built business platform that does the basics well is absolutely necessary to ensure success. However the process of attracting prospects and converting them into paying customers is the true measure of business success.

It Starts With A Robust Marketing And Sales Process

A robust marketing and sales process is built into every Information Product technology platform that Intertype builds. Your platform will be built using the following model from Infusionsoft:

Marketing And Sales Process

Kick Start Your Branding

The brand management requirements for Information Products are unique. It requires a subtle blend of personal and product branding. Initially your personal brand is the strongest but as your business grows the emphasis needs to shift to the product brand otherwise your business will have no value as a saleable entity.

Personal Branding That lets Your Personality Shine Through.

Using professional “headshot” photographers and personal brand stylists are the key to letting you personality shine, which lifts your confidence and builds your personal brand magnetism.

Professional information product branding contains a professionally design logo, but it doesn’t start or end there.

Intertype clients receive a total brand package that goes way beyond a logo design. Brand consistency is vitally important but the vast majority of businesses screw this up. The branding package contains:

  1. Consolidation of strategic intent. (you Why, How and What)
  2. Target market(s)
  3. Ideal customer avatar(s)
  4. Keyword research
  5. Domain name(s)
  6. Elevator pitch
  7. Logo
  8. Tag line(s)
  9. Media style guide (fonts, colour definitions for print, images and web)
  10. Logo files with and without tag lines in various formats & sizes
  11. Email headers and footers
  12. Social media banners (Facebook, Google+ etc)

The Money Is In The List

This is one of the truest statements in the Information Product world. The bigger the list of prospects and customers you have, the more likely your information product business will be a roaring success. Intertype focuses on the two key aspects of list building:


Using a mix of techniques Intertype drives traffic to websites, landing pages, blogs and social media accounts.

Free Traffic

  • Sound SEO basics are established of all your online properties
  • Getting found by creating back links with appropriate directories and powerful reference sites
  • Content marketing including video, audio, article, blog and social media posts

Paid Traffic

  • Google PPC, CPA and CPM accounts are set up and managed
  • Other social media accounts such as Facebook and LinkedIn advertising

Offline Campaigns

  • Get seen in letterboxes, on billboards, in magazines etc…”old style” marketing will always be a powerful tool if used correctly
  • And lets not forget postcard & greeting card marketing and watch your satisfied customer referrals go through the roof

Affiliate And JV Traffic

  • The technology platform established for you by Intertype can have available the ability to cater for affiliate management in an automated way


Attracting the right traffic is vital for building higher conversion rates but it doesn’t stop there. Intertype has all the bases covered:

  • Landing pages that are designed to convert with eye catching headlines and calls to action
  • Sideways video sales letters are just the trick for converting high value information products
  • Web forms that dive straight into your CRM
  • Automated follow up systems that are built into you information product platform
  • Webinars both live and evergreen
  • Automated cross sell and up sell campaigns are a great way to expand your client relationships while the “have their wallets open”
  • And lets not forget AB testing to accelerate the growth of your information product business.

Launches Are Vital

Successful information product businesses know how to properly conduct a launches. At Intertype we start with:

Evergreen Launches

This allows you to fine tune your information product, your processes and sort out bugs in your technology platform. If you can’t get the business working with a steady stream of prospects and clients, then a big bang launch will suffer. Often we get the evergreen launch working so well that many clients never go onto a big bang information product launch and all of it’s effort and stress.

Big Bang Launches

Done properly this type of launch has the potential to deliver significant revenue in a short space of time. At Intertype we follow the Jeff Walker PLF approach, which is the most tried and tested information product launch methodology in the World today. While Intertype has all the tools for successful big bang launches, don’t underestimate the effort involved.

Selling From Stage

Selling from stage is one of the most powerful marketing and sales tools in your armory. Engaging speakers with expert status may even get paid to speak…how sweet is that! At Intertype we help you structure your stage performance so that it naturally leads the audience to take action…buy your product.

Offline Events Are Of Enormous Value To Your Clients

Image what it would be like to spend a few days with 100, 200 or even 500 of your valued clients. Your information product clients will value spending time with you (siting at the feet of the master) as they gain more knowledge and network with like-minded individuals.

The ability to recruit VIPs, mastermind clients and affiliates is handed to you on a plate, you just need to know how to maximise the opportunity.


I cannot thank you enough for your incredible help and loyalty throughout the whole production process. I know you were tested and your patience really put to the test. I can assure you it was greatly appreciated and, whether you see this as a bad thing or not, you will certainly be called on again for future projects.
I just wanted to let you know that I absolutely love the new material. It looks spot on, just like I was expecting it to be. What an awesome team and a fantastic result. Couldn’t be happier!
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