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growing up Jewish, self-publishing, print on demand, book printing

My Journey With Dementia

I have written this book in the hope that it may help family members of a Dementia sufferer understand what is going on with their loved one.

It is a very hard journey but hopefully it will help to know many people are in the same position of confusion as you. It was the first time for me and I just didn’t understand what was happening in my life.

I was told to remember it is not really them which I understand but at the time it is extremely hard to comprehend. I was not told what to expect and I wish I had. Maybe because Dementia has a different effect with each sufferer.

By The Author

The Empty Chair

Every morning as I soak up the sun

On my front veranda as I’ve always done

It makes me feel good as my body’s so warm

I nod off with contentment after a yawn.

This is the life on a cool Autumn day

My neighbours walking past always give me a wave

I’m feeling contentment as I’m sitting there

Until I look across at an empty chair.

My mood then changes, my thinking comes back

I’m not so contented as company I lack.

It’s a stark reminder that I’m all alone

My house is a house now, not a home.

I never knew how quickly my life could change

Suddenly it’s different, not the same

In the lounge every evening as I’m sitting there

I feel sad as I look across at an empty chair.

It’s hard to get used to, I can no longer say

“Let’s go out for a drive, go out for the day.”

I would be all alone as I’m driving there

I would again look across at an empty chair.

Barbara Andrews

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