Printable blank tab and index dividers suitable for high speed digital print and copy shops

This range of blank tab dividers is suited for printing through high speed digital printing presses. The tab dividers have been developed and refined for the digital orienting process since 2004. Intertype prints over 1million blank tab dividers every year and has used this experience to refine these un-printed tab dividers to maximize machine throughput, minimize jams while creating printed tab dividers that stand the test of time.

Intertype regularly supplies these printable tab dividers to print shops, in-house print operations within Legal and Accounting firms, schools, Real Estate Agents and Education facilities. The experience gained from such a wide cross section of printing hubs has helped develop a standard range of the most popular blank tab dividers which helps to minimize manufacturing costs.

Custom blank tab divider configurations can be easily accommodated as all these printable tab dividers are manufactured and distributed Australia Wide from our modern tab divider manufacturing facility in Melbourne.

  • Tab divider durability and printer performance is enhanced by only using quality 200gsm board
  • Printable tab dividers are available forward or straight collated to suite your desired printing workflow
  • You can minimize tab divider stock holders as all blank tab divider configurations are available for immediate dispatch or pick up from Intertype’s tab divider manufacturing facility in Burwood
  • Redundant blank tab divider stocks are minimized by choosing small or large printable tab divider carton sizes
  • Bulk and custom run lengths are available to enable you to accurately determine your tab divider printing costs for large or tight margined printed tab divider projects

Printable tab dividers are available in the following configurations:

  • 2 x bank tab dividers
  • 3 x bank tab dividers
  • 4 x bank tab dividers
  • 5 x bank tab dividers
  • 6 x bank tab dividers
  • 7 x bank tab dividers
  • 8 x bank tab dividers
  • 9 x bank tab dividers
  • 10 x bank tab dividers
  • 20 x bank tab dividers

Blank Tab Divider Collation Options

Check with your printing equipment supplier if or how to set up your printing press for tab divider printing. This will also dictate the best way to have your pre-collated blank tab dividers prepared.

  • The most popular collation option (over 80%) is to have your blank tab dividers reverse collated
  • Straight or forward tab divider collation is available if required.

Blank Tab Dividers and Hole Punching or drilling

It’s not recommended to pre-drill your blank tab dividers before printing. Pre-drilled printable tab dividers are prone to pulling multiple tab dividers through your printing press which causes jams and increased stock wastage. It’s best practice to drill any holes after you’ve printed your tab dividers.