Coffee Posters

Coffee Posters

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Enhance your space with Barista Wall Decor, a collection of visually striking posters that seamlessly blend art and information. From seed to cup, these posters offer an immersive experience, ideal for both coffee connoisseurs and those embarking on their coffee journey. Immerse yourself in the unique world of coffee through these captivating and informative pieces, curated to elevate your surroundings with the essence of coffee culture.

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Coffee Posters

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Step into the fascinating world of coffee with our Coffee Journey Posters – a perfect blend of education and aesthetics that celebrate the art and science of coffee. Explore the intricate Seed to Cup poster, taking you on a visual expedition from planting seeds to the final sip of a delicious latte. This holistic perspective covers every stage, from flowering and handpicking red cherries to drying, pulping, washing, milling, roasting, grinding, and brewing. These visually stunning posters not only serve as informative tools but also double as captivating decor, highlighting the richness and complexity of coffee production.

For a deeper dive into the nuances of coffee processing, our Wet Processing poster spotlights the distinct stages of handpicking red cherries, sorting, pulping, washing, and drying parchment coffee. Uncover the unique flavor notes imparted by this meticulous method. On the other hand, the Dry Process poster takes you through the journey of ripe cherry handpicking, factory sorting, table drying, and milling to green beans, accentuating fruity flavors and enhancing body (viscosity).

The Art of Coffee Processing poster unveils the secrets behind roasting, showcasing the delicate dance between chemistry and heat. Witness the transformation of green beans into a flavorful cup, understanding the processes that shape the unique taste profiles cherished by coffee enthusiasts. These posters seamlessly merge education and aesthetics, providing a comprehensive portrayal of coffee production and the intricate dance of flavors.

In summary, our Coffee Journey Posters offer a visually stunning and informative experience, capturing the essence of coffee from seed to cup. Whether you’re a coffee connoisseur or just beginning your coffee exploration, these posters are the perfect addition to your space, allowing you to immerse yourself in the world of coffee in a truly unique way.


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