Discover how you can make a statement with your medium sized proposals without spending a fortune

There is a whole raft of opportunity sitting between small proposals and large tenders; in fact Intertype supports over 1,500 medium sized proposals every year with customers ranging from small businesses right up to some of Australia’s largest corporations.

These types of proposals are the most neglected by businesses the world over which makes it very easy for you to standout, get noticed, win business and see your growth skyrocket. Usually you don’t need expensive binders and slip cases so most of Intertype’s customers use low cost binders, tab dividers and short run book formats.

The following table highlights the most popular medium sized proposal production approaches used by Intertype’s customers:

Binder Economy Budget Premium Budget Proactive Proposals Reactive Proposals
Generic Ring Binders
Economy Ring Binders
Economy Tab Dividers
Premium Tab Dividers
Spiral Bound Books
Saddle Stitched Books
Generic Hard Cover Books
Bid Specific Hard Cover Books
Colour Content Printing
B&W Content Printing

Generic Custom Ring Binders

If you regularly produce medium sized proposals you may want to consider presenting them within generic ring binders. These binders are designed to carry your branding and imagery but are not printed with bid specific information. This means that you can order in bulk and minimise your per unit ring binder costs.

Generic custom ring binders are available in three specifications and all sizes including A5, A4, A3 and custom:

Graphic Design

The graphic designers at Intertype produce artwork for medium sized proposals in their sleep. They are also well trained in following branding guidelines while creating finished artwork that works in the production process.

However, it’s OK if you wish to use your own graphic designers. Intertype will provided you with design templates and artwork guidelines. Not all designers have in-depth pre-press training so your supplied artwork will pass through a comprehensive pre-flight checking process and your designer will be notified of any errors so that the artwork file can be repaired. After all we want to produce your proposal material exactly as you intended.