Australia’s Fastest And Easiest Teacher And Student Diary And Planner Solution

  • Custom Printed & In-filled Diaries Only. Intertype’s business model is to provide exceptionally focused service to a small group of schools just like you. Your diary will not compete for scarce resources with generic diaries.
  • Unique Date Management System. This system reduces your planning efforts and reduces the cost and effort to set up your diary.
  • Accurate Data Transfer. You only need to supply your dates and event information in one of the simplest data formats. The rest is taken care of for you. Your information is not re-keyed so that you can be assured that your diary will be printed as you intended.
  • University Trained & Highly Experienced Designers. Not only will your diaries look great but your allocated designer is experienced in maintaining branding, enhancing usability and optimising for the printing process.
  • Delivery on Time. One of the most important issues gets extra special attention. A unique web based project collaboration system ensures all aspects of your diary production are tightly controlled so that delivery is made on time. In fact we even guarantee it in writing!

Your Student Diary And Planner Will:

  • Improve communication with students and parents
  • Improve attendance at school events especially those outside normal school hours
  • Reduce inquiry work loads on teachers and support staff
  • Communicate important policies and school regulations
  • Strengthen your brand image within your school community

Your Teachers Diary And Planner Will:

  • Recognise that your Teacher’s Dairy and planner needs are different from your students
  • They can even include attendance and grading forms
  • Improve communication with Teachers, Students and Admin Staff
  • Reduce work loads on teachers and support staff
  • Communicate important policies and school regulations

Discover How Easy It Can Be To Manage Your Important Dates

At the heart of your Student Diary and Planner is a unique and easy to use Date Management System that eliminates the need to rekey your information. A simple Excel file or an export from Microsoft’s Outlook will have your diary accurately and professionally formatted.

  • Dates
  • Events
  • Venues
  • Start and finish times
  • Easily identifies clashes
  • Simple to roll over to a new year
  • Operates across multiple campuses
Custom Printed School Diary

Intertype Offers The Widest Choice Of Diary Construction And Finishes

All diary and planner sizes are catered for

  • From A5 to A4
  • Custom sizes available

More school diary cover styles than you can dream of

  • Cardboard
  • Polypropylene
  • PVC
  • Full colour digital and offset printing
  • Screen print
  • Foil embossing

All the options for your text pages with your student and teacher planners

  • Standard or custom introductory pages
  • B&W or colour

PVC pockets to hold whatever you like

  • As many as you like
  • Full, CD or custom sizes

Bookmark options to make your diary easy to use

  • Ribbon
  • Wrap around bookmarks

Binding choices to suit any design

  • Plastic coil
  • Wire coil
  • Perfect bound
  • Saddle stitched

Project Planning Is The Key To Success

Standard project templates are modified to suit your specific needs and to make your life easy. A well constructed work plan will assist you to:

  • Meet deadlines
  • Delegate tasks to other staff
  • Reduce the total time and effort required
  • Deliver the project on time and on budget