Develop Your Information Product Strategy And Road Map Forward With Expert Help

I attended a conference many years ago where I head the phrase “to succeed you need to sit at the feet of masters”. It literally meant that the fastest and lowest cost way to being seen as an expert in your chosen field or niche is to work with the leaders in that field. This way you gain fast track access to what works and you can leverage their learning from the mistakes they have made along the way.

The Intertype team has a combined 53+ years experience across all aspects of information product publishing. Our peers Pam Hendrickson and Mike Keonigs, have recognized this experience and skill set when they recently appointed IPM certified consultants for their massively successful Make Market Launch (MML) program.

Go It Alone Or Work With “Masters”.

Go it alone is an option you can use to build, deploy and market your Information Product. If you choose this path we recommend purchasing the MML program from Pam and Mike. Of course if you decide you need help you can contact us to do the heavy lifting for you.

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Leverage the Information Product Mastery Team’s learning

While we are certified MML consultants, our team has been sitting at the feet of a wide range of Information Product and publishing masters. In fact over the last five years we have invested over $250,000 and countless hours in training programs, seminars and conferences…all so you don’t have to.


While we’ve been learning we have also been doing. After all the best learning experience is actually implementing. You can leverage our implementation experience garnered since 2004 by working with and supporting a wide cross section of information product publishers including:


Proven Information Product Publishing Consulting Framework

Most of our clients are pleasantly surprised by how much content and resources they already have in place. They just need “hand holding”, access to a skilled knowledge bank and a road map forward to attain Information Product publishing success.

Your information product strategy sessions will uncover and give advice across the 5 most import areas.

P – Product (core offer message)
T – Traffic
C – Convert Leads
C – Convert customers
M – Monthly / membership

Sound strategy within each of these key areas along with the linkages between each is a fundamental requirement for building a successful information product publishing business.