Dramatically Increase You Success Rates With Well-Designed And Great Looking Proposal And Tender Documents

Be Positioned As An Industry Leader And Differentiate Yourself From Your Competitors.

The standard for winning large proposals and tenders has been set…Intertype knows because they set it. Intertype is Australia’s number #1 producer of proposal and tender documents and supports over 300 large proposals and tenders per year.

If you’re serious about winning those game changing bids your proposal documents need to support your brand while conveying your compelling value propositions in words and visually. This means you need some serious binders, slip cases and tab dividers along with premium colour printing of your contents.

Highly Customised Proposal and Tender Documents

After all your branding and value propositions are unique and so should your mission critical proposal and tender documents. To support your uniqueness Intertype has developed a comprehensive suite of tools that are configured to put real sizzle into your proposal and tender submissions.

Tool Features Capability
Graphic Design Intertype’s graphic designers
Support your graphic designers
Ring Binder Manufacture Custom printed ring binders
Individualised printing on each ring binder
A5, A4 & A3 & custom sized ring binders
Slip Cases and Boxes Custom printed slip cases & boxes
Custom sized slip cases & boxes
Individualised printing on each slip case
Tab Divider Manufacture Custom printed tab dividers
A5, A4 & A3 & custom tab dividers
Prime and sub tab dividers
Portrait and landscape tab dividers
Electronic Copies Burning & labelling CDs and DVDs
PDF preparation including bookmarking
Content Printing Premium colour digital printing
A4 & A3 colour printing
Large format printing for plans and Gantt charts
Magazine style executive summaries
Environmentally friendly paper & process
Collating into binders and tab dividers
Submissions Pack & label tender documents
Lodge into tender boxes
Proposal Support Proposal marketing materials
Proposal websites
Corporate profiles tuned to the proposal
PowerPoint presentations

Purpose Built Production Environment Saves Time

Time is one ingredient that is in very short supply when it comes to responding to large proposals and tenders and this is extremely relevant when it comes to the production of your submission materials. Intertype understands that the proposal or tender submission date doesn’t change but the content can change right up to the last minute.

As a result Intertype has built the only production cell of its kind in Australia (and possibly the World) that is designed to cope with the constant squeezing of the time available for the production of your proposal and tender documents.

Project Management Is The Important Service Element

Everybody in Intertype’s team understands the importance of project management for the successful production of proposal and tender documents. But don’t take our word for it:


Just a quick note to say thank you very much for all your good work on our binders, tab dividers and DVDs. I’ve just been downstairs to have a look at them and they are fantastic. Thank you for getting them to us so quickly.

I just wanted to say to all of you Intertype, thank you so much for the outstanding service on the binders, tab dividers and document for the tender.

It’s been a somewhat stressful project and your team made it really easy for me to get this to happen, especially given the timeframe. Considering that you don’t know me from a bar of soap, it’s even more impressive from a customer service point of view.

Julie, SKM

Confidentiality Is Assured

The Intertype Team understands the importance and value of your proposal and tender documents. You can be assured that Intertype has measures and protocols in place to prevent damaging “leakage” of your proposal & tender documents including:

  • Mutual non-disclosure agreements
  • Shredding & recycling of sensitive waste
  • Access controlled production environment
  • Site and data security measures