With over 25 years of experience in creating proposals that get noticed and win business, The Bid Boss has created a unique “Proposal Production Facility” that is focused on helping businesses to enjoy greater sales success.

The Bid Boss has identified THREE KEY FACTORS that ensure you will quickly start winning more than your fair share of proposals and render your competitors irrelevant:

  1. The written word…it’s about value NOT PRICE
  2. The visual appearance of your proposal documents…STANDOUT from the crowd
  3. Creating proof of the value you deliver…prospects will search for EVIDENCE

Accessing The Proposal Production Facility Is Easy

Most of Intertype’s CORPORATE customers have the in-house ability to perform a variety of steps within the overall proposal production process or they have existing relationships with writing and graphic design suppliers and that’s OK. Intertype’s facility is specially configured to seamlessly integrate with their customer’s in-house and/or third party capability; saving time and overall cost.

On the other hand many of Intertypes SMALL BUSINESS customers prefer the ease of having one organisation to provide support across the entire proposal process. Intertype has developed a seamless ELEVEN STEP PROCESS designed to get you on the winner’s podium in the shortest possible time:

  1. Build the response strategy
  2. Bid (project manage) information collection
  3. Create and distribute proof of value capability
  4. Create a Response Document Map
  5. Design the finished response document
  6. Copy edit responses
  7. Create covering letter & executive Summary
  8. Produce / print final document
  9. Lodge with prospect
  10. Create presentation material
  11. Provide contract negotiation support