The Ultimate Branded To Do List Pad

Things To Do Pads

We all know how important to do lists are to our daily productivity rituals. Your customers will be interacting with your branded “Things to Do Today Pad” for 5-10 minutes every day…when it comes to promotional tools It doesn’t get any better than that

Discover how easy it is to promote your business using these simple but effective to do list pads.

  1. Nurture customer relationships on auto pilot
  2. Keep your brand and contact details in front of your customers 365 days a year
  3. Get your customers to proactively contact you with strategically placed “calls to action”

Intertype makes it easy for you. This Your custom branded to do list marketing tool includes:

  1. Artwork customised to your brand and contact details
  2. Printing & finishing
  3. We can even distribute them direct to your customers if you prefer