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You need this book if YOU:

  • Are in sales of any description
  • Will profit by significantly improving your sales results
  • Need to gain a ‘secret’ competitive advantage
  • Want to get access to the secret thinking of a sales professional that has personally sold 100s of $Millions, smashed sales targets and lead teams to sell $Billions
  • Desire to significantly increase your income by expanding your thinking

The 101 Secrets in this book have been the basis of massive sales success. By reading and adopting them, then using them to inspire you to develop your own secrets, you will accelerate your own massive sales success!

You are reading this because you want to be a success in selling.  Great!  Just by purchasing this book, you have taken a major step in your quest for sales excellence.

Like everyone else, you want the ‘Magic Secret’ to sales success.  OK, here it is.

About The Author

Philip Belcher

Philip Belcher is CEO of SalesAbility and Managing Director of its parent company, LSE Consulting Pty Ltd, a management consulting company focused on, business growth, turn around and exit readiness.

SalesAbility was founded to enable superior sales performance through providing sales education, consulting, resources and systems

He has over 30 years of success in sales, sales management and management/leadership of high technology companies, as an entrepreneur and management consultant.  Throughout his career, he has been responsible for sales in excess of $2bn dollars in industries including high technology, real estate and fast foods.

Philip has held CEO, Managing Director, Executive Director, Non-executive Director, GM, Senior Sales and technical positions with high profile companies including Cisco Systems, StorageTek (now Oracle), Datacraft Australia, Datacraft Ltd, Dimension Data, NEC, AWA Ltd, Fairlight.AU, Radware, PM-Partners group and Telecom Australia.

His specialisation is sales enablement, strategy definition/execution; business turn-around, re-engineering and change leadership.  He has experience in Australia, New Zealand, Asia, South East Asia and the Pacific.

Philip was a Board member of Box Hill Institute of TAFE, Victoria for 12 years during which period he held the position of Joint Deputy Chairperson and has held the positions of Vice President Australia and President of the NSW Branch of the Institute of Management Consultants.

Philip holds an MBA from the Macquarie University Graduate School of Management, is a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors, a Fellow of the Institute of Managers and Leaders (previously Australian Institute of Managers) and achieved the status of Certified Management Consultant with the Institute of Management Consultants.

Philip Belcher

A Note From the Author

If you are going to be a success in selling, you must live by ‘PAWS’:

Positive Attitude, strong Work ethic and always think/act Strategically.

You MUST be highly motivated, passionate and tirelessly work in a strategically focused method to be a success in selling!

But there is a ‘speed bump’!  No one can motivate you!!

Only you can motivate yourself!!

In all the hectic activity, endless demands and high level of stress in our daily sales lives, it is all too easy to forget to ensure that your ideas are focused on being the best salesperson you can be.

I have found that the secret to success is having a mental catalogue of inspiring ideas or ‘hooks’, similar to the catchy line in a song that you can’t get out of your head, to secretly repeat to yourself at any time when needed to face sales challenges.  Because these thoughts are private, with you keeping them to yourself as you go about your hectic activities, I call them ‘Secrets’.

Having these Secrets at the front of your mind can make all the difference when the heat is on, akin to having a cool drink on a hot day.

Here is a selection of my Secret ideas that I have used in my career to personally make sales of 100s of Millions of dollars’ and manage my teams to sell $Billions worth of goods and services.

Whilst these Secret ideas are often well known or just plain ‘common sense’, once you are made aware of them, you can adopt them to use in your own unique way as your Secrets for Success.

These Secrets are what you regularly tell yourself but don’t usually share with anyone else as you go about your mission on a day to day basis.  You may be sitting in front of a customer dealing with their needs whilst secretly referring to these ideas to use them to advance the sale and win the business.

Used effectively, these ideas will become your ‘secret weapon’ that will leave others wondering “How does she/he do it?”

The Secrets are arranged in no particular order in four hierarchical sections:

  • Personal Development
  • Sales Technique
  • Strategy
  • Execution

It is said that ‘To become, you must be’.  To become a highly successful salesperson requires one to be a person with the necessary attributes.  Successful salespeople understand that they continually seek personal development.

Sales techniques can be learned and honed using the sales professionals’ attributes that they continually hone.

As a well-prepared sales professional with the necessary attributes and sales techniques, a ‘plan of approach’ or strategy is required.  The more refined the strategy, the greater likelihood of success.

Once a well thought out and researched strategy is developed, precise and continual execution of that strategy is mandatory for success.  It is this area where many salespeople and their organisations fail.  The road of failure is littered with wall charts and strategy documents developed in expensive ‘Off-site Kick offs’ and ‘Strategy Retreats’ that have never been executed or implemented.  Everyone gets excited, enjoys the event and then goes back to ‘doing things as they have always done them’.  The highly successful salespeople know that relentless execution is the difference between them and others that wallow in mediocrity.

To get the most out of these secret ideas, scan them to find the ones that are most applicable to your current circumstances, write them down, read them before retiring for the night and then read them again in the morning before you start your day.

Pick the one(s) that you feel will ‘get you over the hump’ that you are facing and repeat them during the day.  Remember the ‘Power of 3’.  Don’t try to take on more than three secrets to inspire yourself at any one time.  Your mind works best when it can focus.  If just one ‘secret idea’ will make all the difference to the challenge you are facing, great: keep repeating it to get you through.  Any more than three at a time will defuse the power of the secrets because your mind won’t be clear on any one of them.

I don’t promise that using these secrets will work, but there again, you are better off repeating them to yourself than listening to that other ‘negative voice’ in your head that keeps saying “It’ll never work” or “They’ll never buy that” or “I don’t think I am cut out for this” or any number of other negative ideas that drain your energy and will be true if you let them take over.


You paid good money for this bookIt’s yours so scribble to your heart’s content!  At the front of the book are pages for you to write down your own “Top 10 Secret Ideas of the Day”.

There is a NOTES area at the end of every Secret for you to write your ideas and actions that you will take. If you like something that you hear, read or create yourself, write it in this book and then go back over it regularly.

Enjoy and vigorously apply these secrets.  Above all else, enjoy your time in what is, in my opinion, one of the finest careers that you can undertake – Sales!

Good Selling!

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