Increase revenue and reduce the sales cycle with a suite of integrated online and offline Marketing and Sales tools

  • Are you one of the 90% of businesses that don’t have a well defined Marketing and Sales process?
  • Do you want to lift your sales conversion rates?
  • What is your average dollar sale? do know this don’t you?
Discover a rich array of online and offline tools that savvy businesses are using to Stand Out and Get Noticed and make more sales.

Begin with the Marketing and Sales process in mind

A well thought out and highly automated Marketing and Sales process will turn your business into a cash generating machine…designing, building, deploying and maintaining your M&S process has just gotten easy.

Attract the right prospects

There are a raft of ways you can attract prospects to your business:
  • Direct mail
  • PPC advertising
  • SEO
  • Targeted acquisition
  • Content marketing
…to name just a few

The question is what are the right options that will attract YOUR ideal clients? Intertype’s wide range of online and offline tools coupled with years of experience across 100’s of customers means that we have a pretty good idea of what works and more importantly how to make it work.

Capture and build your list

“The money is in the list” is a marketing principle as old as marketing itself however over 90% of businesses don’t actively build their “list”.

Intertype’s wide array of integrated, modern and traditional data capture mechanisms makes it so easy, fast and cost effective to build powerful lists that quickly become one of your business’ most valuable assets.

What’s your excuse?

Nurture prospects and get them eager to buy

A list that isn’t worked and helps prospects through the “buyers journey” is a waste of time and money. Screw up this vital element of your Marketing and Sales process and the amount of money you “leave on the table” is breathtaking.

Use a mix of online and offline nurturing tools to easily stand out, get noticed and prime your prospects to make their purchase decisions based on value NOT price.

Convert prospects into profitable long-term customers

The last element of the process is to convert your “pre-primed” prospects into profitable long-term customers. Done properly they quickly become raving fans and advocates which results in a flood of referral business…how sweet is that?

Intertype has all the tools to help you deliver the WOW factor!!!