Intertype Publish and Print’s Corrections Policy: Ensuring Accuracy and Accountability

Intertype Publish and Print’s Corrections Policy: ensuring accuracy and accountability across everything we do since 2004. At Intertype we are committed to maintaining the highest standards of accuracy and integrity in our published content. We recognize that errors can occasionally occur, despite our best efforts. In order to address any inaccuracies and uphold our commitment to transparency, we have developed a comprehensive corrections policy. This policy outlines our procedure for promptly acknowledging and rectifying errors through retractions or corrections.

  1. Identification of Errors:

a. Internal Monitoring: Intertype Publish and Print maintains a diligent editorial process that includes fact-checking, verification, and peer review to minimize errors in our published content. b. Reader Contributions: We encourage our readers to notify us if they come across any inaccuracies, providing an additional layer of error identification.

  1. Prompt Acknowledgment and Assessment:

a. Swift Response: Upon identification of an error, we take immediate action to acknowledge the concern raised by the reader or internal team member. b. Thorough Assessment: We conduct a comprehensive assessment of the reported error to determine its nature, scope, and impact on the published content.

  1. Retractions and Corrections:

a. Retractions: In cases where the error significantly undermines the credibility or accuracy of the published content, Intertype Publish and Print may issue a retraction. A retraction is a formal statement acknowledging the error and withdrawing the entire article or specific portions deemed inaccurate or misleading. b. Corrections: For errors that are less substantial or have a minor impact on the overall context, we publish a correction alongside the original content. Corrections clearly state the nature of the error, provide accurate information, and indicate the revision date.

  1. Transparency and Accessibility:

a. Placement and Visibility: Retractions and corrections are prominently displayed and clearly linked to the original content, ensuring readers can easily access the updated information. b. Timeliness: Retractions and corrections are issued in a timely manner, reflecting our commitment to promptly rectifying errors and minimizing potential misinformation. c. Consistent Documentation: All retractions and corrections are documented and archived to maintain a transparent record of our commitment to accuracy and accountability.

  1. Learning and Prevention:

a. Root Cause Analysis: We conduct a thorough analysis of the error, identifying its root cause and implementing measures to prevent similar mistakes in the future. b. Staff Training: We provide regular training and professional development opportunities to our staff, emphasizing the importance of accuracy, fact-checking, and attention to detail.


Intertype Publish and Print’s corrections policy underscores our commitment to accuracy, accountability, and transparency. By promptly acknowledging and rectifying errors through retractions or corrections, we ensure that our readers have access to reliable and trustworthy information. Our commitment to continuous improvement and learning enables us to identify and address the root causes of errors, reducing the likelihood of similar inaccuracies in the future. Through these measures, we uphold our responsibility to deliver accurate and credible content to our valued readers and maintain our reputation as a reliable source of information in the publishing and printing industry.

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