Sustainability…because we care about the world we live in

Green Biz

Everyone at Intertype ensures our printing, ring binder, tab divider production and associated services our performed in an environmentally sustainable manner.

To support this Intertype’s entire operation has been audited under the Green Biz Check methodology and we have been successful in achieving Gold Level Sustainability Certification. Additionally;

  • Intertype only uses FSC certified paper which means it has been sourced from plantation timber that has been farmed using environmentally and socially responsible practices,
  • Intertype only uses carbon neutral paper,
  • 100% of Intertype’s power consumption is 100% carbon neutral.


Think Green

Intertype acknowledges a responsibility to the environment, and we express our commitment towards implementing practices, which will promote environmental sustainability. The following policy governs the management of the environmental aspects of our company, with specific focus on the conservation of resources and the reduction of waste.

This policy relates to how all operations in our company will be continually reviewed and improved, so that we will truly be able to integrate environmental and social considerations into our everyday practices.

Intertype will consistently strive to raise awareness in the community, encourage participation and train employees in environmental matters.


  • Comply with any laws governing the environment, and actively look for ways to improve on these guidelines.
  • Work towards the conservation of energy, water and resources in all our operations.
  • Strive to better understand both the direct and indirect impact that our practices may have on the environment.
  • Promote environmental awareness throughout all operations of the company.
  • Provide training/newsletters/posters to staff and clients on implementing our sustainable policies.
  • Dispose of waste thoughtfully, and adopt the mantra
  • Power off equipment when not in use.
  • Lessen our environmental impact by purchasing environmentally-friendly products and services.
  • Work with our entire supply chain in order to gain mutual benefits of incorporating environmentally sustainable goals into everyday business.
  • Regularly review our business practices, and determine whether each practice is suitable in an environmental context.
  • Independently audit our practices, and determine whether our goals have been reached.