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  • Get more customers blog post image

Who Else Wants More Customers?

Marketing Tips For Authors|

I spend a lot of time networking and a lot of time reading business forums and connecting with the business owners that I meet. A common question that people ask is how do I get my customers? It's a perfectly valid question. Without customers purchasing your product or service you don't have a business. If you're not making any money then you're very quickly going to go out of business.

  • printed marketing tools blog post image

Printed Marketing Tools

Marketing Tips For Authors|

Tracking your prospects - from first awareness of your brand through to making a sale - and then further purchases and referrals given is incredibly important. Done correctly it can get you more clients who spend more money. Done badly you may be losing some of the prospects you put a lot of effort into trying to reach in the first place. Below I outline a 6 step process that you can follow in boosting your nurturing efforts.

  • Marketing funnel, marketing and sales process, book print on demand, self-publishing, author platform

Minimise Book Postage Costs

Self-Publishing Tips|

Postage can be a major cost element for self-published authors. Get this wrong and you will adversely impact sales and reduce profitability. In this article I explore options for recovering postage costs while optimising the self-published author’s profitability.

  • winning proposals blog post image

3 Steps to Proposal Success

Marketing Tips For Authors|

Everyday in Australia, the UK and USA over 20 million people, business owners, sales reps, bid managers etc, produce over 20 million B2B, or business to business, proposals. The vast majority, approximately 90% of which, will fail. I believe that with the right mindset and some basic training, most proposal managers can easily double or triple their success rates.

  • reduce printing costs blog post image

Want to reduce your printing expenses?

Sustainable Printing|

I’m much the same as you, I like to save money however there is a bigger prize to be had that goes way beyond simply reducing prices. Marketing performance, complex supply chains and ever evolving technologies are the three main issues that make it too hard for the untrained person to make sense of, let alone unlock hidden value.

  • How to Write Articles blog post image

How to Write Articles and Blog Posts…the Easy Way

Marketing Tips For Authors|

It’s a fact. The search engines love content and the community you serve loves content that delivers value. By creating value delivering article and blog posts you can kill the “two birds with one stone”. The trouble is; creating articles can be a very time consuming process…until now. This article shows how I turn out 500 word “value delivering” articles in under 30 minutes.

  • Marketing funnel, marketing and sales process, book print on demand, self-publishing, author platform,

Printed Books Vs eBooks Vs Audiobooks

Self-Publishing Tips|

Working out which format to self-publish your book is a common issue faced by all the authors I work with. Printed books vs ebooks vs audiobooks has become a battle in many author’s minds, much like the PC vs Mac wars that have raged for years. Let’s put this battle to bed once and for all.

  • B2B Marketing blog post image

Top 3 B2B Marketing Highlights and Lowlights

Marketing Tips For Authors|

Recently I took up an opportunity to sponsor The inaugural B2B Marketing Leaders Forum. For me B2B Marketing has been a 30year passion of mine and underpins the products and services I provide in my “printing” business. This article gives a high level view of the conference, where B2B Marketing is at in Australia and dives into my view of the highlights and lowlights. In doing this I may tread on some toes so if you don’t like reality checks you’ve been warned.

  • Author Platform, Self-publishing, book marketing, Digital printing, print on demand

Build Your Author Platform System

Self-Publishing Tips|

Successful authors have one thing in common, and that is an Author platform. This is what underpins the success of their first book and facilitates their next publishing project. A well-designed author platform reduces the marketing and sales efforts while improving the buyers’ experience. And no, they don’t have to start out high tech.

  • World’s first collaborative artwork service blog post image

World’s First Collaborative Finished Artwork Service

Stop Press|

A recent survey highlighted that over 90% of artwork files contain errors that add to production costs, that negatively impact production deadlines and often result in “off brand” marketing & sales communications all of which leads to reduced marketing ROI says Ian Bosler the CEO and chief innovator at Intertype.

  • Digital Printing Iridess

Another World’s First

Stop Press|

Intertype has done it again…another World’s first (stay tuned, there's more coming) Don’t take our word for it, the following press release from Color-Logic has already attracted interest from around Australia and Internationally.

  • Easy to find blog post image

Is Your Number Up?

Marketing Tips For Authors|

The other day I went in search of a thirtieth anniversary gift for my lovely wife. The gift buying journey was an interesting exercise on how marketing hasn’t changed a lot over 30 years and it highlighted how many businesses are still wasting opportunities and pissing off prospective customers.

  • Marketing and sales process blog post image

Is This Costing You Serious Dollars?

Marketing Tips For Authors|

You can have the latest and most expensive equipment, amazing staff or a unique and world beating product or service however without this asset you do not have a business. This asset is the key driver of cash for every business which also establishes your business as a saleable (and valuable) entity.

  • Business credibility blog post image

Fake or Credible?

Marketing Tips For Authors|

Building credibility is vital to business success. It is a key building block to building trust and we all know that people only buy from people they “know like AND trust”. If you lack credibility you're unlikely to make sale, it’s as simple as that.

  • Intertype publishing and printing is licensed to carry the Australian made and owned logo

Buy Australian

Marketing Tips For Authors|

With BREXIT in the UK and a new President in the White House trumpeting “buy American, hire American” it has become very obvious to me that all of us Aussies need to get on board and support the grass roots of our economy by buying Aussie made and Aussie owned.

  • Graphic design blog post image

Good Graphic Design is Good Business

Graphic Design|

Look at the successful businesses around you and you will notice one of the things they have in common is consistent branding along with attractive visuals. I look to Apple as being one of the best in the World at the visual manifestations of their brand. They even extend this into industrial design to create a complete package.

  • Christmas Cards blog post image

5 simple tactics to turn your Christmas cards into powerful marketing tools

Marketing Tips For Authors|

The key to marketing success is to stand out and get noticed…for all the right reasons. If you think an e-card is going to achieve this you need to think again. Last year my inbox and junk email folder was flooded with over 300 e-cards, naturally none of them were opened so from a relationship development perspective they were a total waste of time and effort.

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