How to define the buyer personas for your book.

In this article, I’ll be diving into how to find and define the buyer personas for your book.

Personas, sometimes referred to as Avatars, are an amazingly powerful tool for creating your book marketing messages that are laser targeted. Do this well and you will have sold your first 1000 books in no time at all.

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In the last two episodes of Saturday Secrets we looked at two other elements of the foundation framework of the Marketing Pyramid. To recap the Marketing Pyramid consists of three frameworks:

  1. Foundations
  2. Systems
  3. Media

The Foundation framework consists of 3 elements:

  1. Your goals for your book (Episode 3)
  2. Target Audience (Episode 4)
  3. Personas (This Episode)

So what is a Buyer Persona?

Put simply, buyer personas are fictional representations of your ideal customers. 

Ideally they are created based on real data about customer demographics along with educated speculation about their personal histories, motivations, concerns etc. I stress that IDEALLY a persona is based on real data. With many authors, real data doesn’t exist but never fear, there are ways around that. 

Why is it important?

Personas are valuable because they facilitate you and your team to focus communications on your ideal buyer. Prospects are more likely to purchase if your communications are directed at them and demonstrate an understanding of their issues and problems. 

But I don’t have any data?

I previous episodes I’ve talked about the three main sources of buyers for your book:

  1. Buyers fan base
  2. Existing Fan base
  3. Influence’s fan base

The rolled gold best source of data is your Buyers Fan Base. These people have already brought from you. If you set up your author platform correctly, you will gather the appropriate data to analyse and refine your ideal reader / buyer. The chances are your book buyers are connected to like-minded people so leveraging these relationships with referral focused communications will lead to faster sales.

The second-best source of data is your fan base. You can’t be 100% sure who will be an ideal book buyer when you start out marketing your book however you’re likely to find them within your fan base so it’s always best to start there.

Finally an influencer’s fan base is much the same as marketing cold UNLESS you have already tested and refined your persona with your own fan and buyer bases. 

What does a Persona Look Like?

The following are the key attributes you should try and complete to create the Persona of your ideal buyer:


  • Basic details about persona’s role
  • Key information about the persona’s company
  • Relevant background info, like education or hobbies


  • Gender
  • Age Range
  • HH Income (Consider a spouse’s income, if relevant)
  • Urbanicity (Is your persona urban, suburban, or rural?)


  • Buzz words
  • Mannerisms


  • Persona’s primary goal
  • Persona’s secondary goal


  • Primary challenge to persona’s success
  • Secondary challenge to persona’s success