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The printing industry employs many great craftspeople however the general lack of marketing skills has resulted in printing becoming commoditised with declining volumes.

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This commoditisation has extended into graphic design.

Designers nowadays aren’t taught how to design for print which is a major cause of volume decline as well as the underutilisation of advanced printing technologies such as CMYK+.

Add to this the explosion of the gig economy, it’s no wonder it’s become very hard for graphic designers to make a living or even build a business as they compete against $2.00 per hour unskilled designers from developing countries.

To date, the tools to help graphic designers have been very generic in nature.

To thrive as a designer you need to build specialist skills hence the need to create tools that are aligned to specific printing techniques such as the Irridess Press’ CMYK+ capability.

Tools that provide a practical guide to optimising the printer’s capabilities enable designers to differentiate themselves by delivering exceptional value to their clients.

We know how frustrating this is. Intertype first experienced this issue in 2004 and it has only grown worse over the years.

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Intertype started developing a tool kit for graphic designers in 2014 based on the Xerox 1000i that only had basic CMYK+ printing capabilities.

Today the Irridesse press takes the capability to a whole new level which has only gone on to exemplify the graphic design issues even further.

The award-winning CMYK+ Tool Kit commenced development in 2018 and has gone on to be used by over 200 designers in the Asia Pacific region.

It was created with the help of one of the most skilled printing finished artist in Australia, and arguably the World.

The Tool Kit makes it easy to create CMYK+ artwork, empowering designers to promote the features and create higher-margin volume for Irridesse owners and graphic designers. The kit has a white label option for printers who want to go “all-in”.

Intertype has a fully-featured Irridesse Press which means that we know how hard it is to fully utilise its capabilities. The Irridesse capabilities continue to expand and the kit will evolve to cater for this. The kit originally catered for metallic silver & gold, white and clear and has recently been upgraded to support pink.

As a graphic designer, you no longer have to be frustrated trying to work your way through the complexity, confusion and time needed to create stunning designs using all the CMYK+ features of the Iridesse Press.

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Buy the CMYK+ Tool Kit for the Iridesse Press only AUD$187 with Free shipping worldwide

Are you a print shop wanting to custom brand? A white-labelled option is available, minimum 25 kits

Here’s what’s in Intertype’s award-winning CMYK+ Tool Kit

Tool Box

  • Keep all your tools in one handy container
  • A packaging application printed on the Iridesse Press
  • Printed on brown kraft and Ecostar
  • Uses metallic silver under CMYK
  • Uses pink
  • Uses clear

Ideas To Inspire

  • A collection of designs showing the versatility of CMYK+
  • Uses Silver, Gold, White, Clear and Pink with CMYK
  • Printed on silk coated paper and black paper
  • Printed, bound and trimmed inline on the Iridesse Press

Beginners Guide

  • Fast start guide to designing using gold, silver, white and clear
  • Easy to follow techniques
  • Under-printing Vs overprinting
  • Utilize a new and expanded colour pallet

Advanced Guide

  • For those wanting to take CMYK+ to the next level
  • Have meaningful conversations with your print team
  • Push your CMYK+ skills to new levels

Designing With Pink

  • Discover the power of pink
  • Fluro pink never looked so good
  • How to create oranges that are orange

Swatch Books

  • Discover over 600 new colours
  • Unique colours using metallic under-printing
  • Expanded colour gamut using pink
  • CMYK+ colour breakdowns at a glance
  • USB stick containing ICC profiles

Do you operate a print shop with an Iridesse Press?

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We understand that you’re probably stressed by the poor outlook of the printing industry in general and not to mention the frustration caused by poorly skilled graphic designers.

Do nothing and you will continue to experience:

  • Reduced margins and volume
  • Poor ROI on your Irridesse Press
  • Frustration caused by the poor quality artwork files external designers send you
  • Increased customer service costs trying to fix artwork files

The CMYK+ Tool Kit will help you reduce your stress levels as you drive profitable growth back into your graphic design and/or printing business.

  • Improve the visual results your internal designers will achieve
  • Reduce the design time of your internal designers
  • Create stronger relationships with graphic designers and ad agencies
  • Win more work at higher margins
  • Better utilise the CMYK+ capabilities of the Irridesse Press
  • Reduce, or even eliminate the time needed to “fix” files
  • Discover new markets

When you purchase the “white labelled” kit, you will be directed to provide your branding and contact details that we’ll incorporate into your custom branded kit’s artwork.

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Buy the CMYK+ Tool Kit for the Iridesse Press only AUD$187 with Free shipping worldwide

Are you a print shop wanting to custom brand? A white-labelled option is available, minimum 25 kits

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