Understanding the Ownership Structure of Intertype Publishing and Printing: A Privately Held Company

The ownership structure of Intertype Publish and Print has enabled a dynamic and innovative company to thrive since 2004. As an organization committed to providing high-quality publishing and printing services, our ownership structure plays a crucial role in shaping our operations and decision-making processes. In this article, we will explore the ownership structure of Intertype Publishing and Printing, emphasizing our reliance on shareholder funding and our independence from grants, sponsorships, and bank loans.

  1. Privately Held Status:

Intertype Publishing and Printing is classified as a privately held company, meaning it is owned by private individuals or entities rather than being publicly traded on stock exchanges. This ownership structure affords us greater flexibility and autonomy in managing our business operations.

  1. Shareholder Funding:

Our company’s financial resources primarily come from the contributions of shareholders. These shareholders are individuals who have invested their capital in Intertype Publishing and Printing, demonstrating their confidence in our business model and growth potential.

  1. Independence from Grants:

Unlike many organizations that rely on grants or external funding sources, Intertype Publishing and Printing operates independently and self-sufficiently. We do not depend on grants from government institutions, non-profit organizations, or foundations to sustain our operations. This financial independence allows us to maintain control over our strategic direction and prioritize the interests of our clients and shareholders.

  1. No Reliance on Sponsorships:

The ownership structure of Intertype does not rely on sponsorships from external entities to finance our activities. While sponsorships can provide financial support, they often come with expectations or conditions that may compromise our independence and editorial integrity. By maintaining financial self-sufficiency, we can make unbiased decisions and focus solely on delivering exceptional publishing and printing services to our clients

5. Stability and Long-term Vision:

As a privately held company, Intertype Publishing and Printing can prioritize long-term growth strategies and resist the pressure of short-term financial expectations. This ownership structure enables us to make strategic decisions that align with our vision, values, and commitment to delivering exceptional services to our clients.


Intertype Publishing and Printing, as a privately held company, operates with a distinct ownership structure. We rely on shareholder funding, ensuring that our operations are self-sustaining and independent from external influences such as grants, sponsorships, or bank loans. This ownership model allows us to maintain flexibility, focus on long-term growth, and prioritize the needs of our clients and shareholders. By upholding these principles, we continue to provide high-quality publishing and printing services while maintaining our commitment to innovation and excellence in the industry.

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