Intertype Removes The Risk Of Using Our Printing And Production Services…After All We Care About Our Service To You.

Your supplied artwork files will pass through a comprehensive 32 point quality check to ensure they will perform as intended through the printing process. Your printing will be replaced free of charge if there are any printing errors that should have been picked up in the file checking process (excludes typographical errors).

We guarantee that artwork developed by Intertype will work in the printing and mailing processes or we will keep on working on them until they do, at no additional charge.

All printing will be to your agreed specification otherwise we will replace the print at no additional charge.

All printing will be delivered on time. For every day late your print charges will be reduced by 5%.

If you decide that you no longer require Intertype’s services for whatever reason, we will assist you to move your artwork and specifications to another supplier at no charge.

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