Quality Custom Printed Notepads And Note Books Are Simple But Effective Marketing Tools

Quality custom branded printed notepads and note books will keep your brand and contact details on customers desk 365 days of the year. They are a simple, economical but powerful marketing and sales tools that should be in your business marketing and sales tool kit.

Take A Look At What You Have On Your Desk

I’m guessing that it is covered with items similar to mine…stacks of paper, a coffee mug and a few pens—chances are you will also have a notepad and/or note book, and it is probably from someone else’s company. Hardly a day goes by when you don’t use the notepad to take notes, make a to do list or scribble the odd doodle. Guess what, your desk is probably no different top your customers so here lies the powerful marketing opportunity.

Image the phone calls you will receive if your brand and contact details are at the top of your customers mind. Imagine again how you brand will filter through your customers business as a memo written on a page of your notepad is passed around their office. It’s just one more creative way Intertype helps you to market your business.