Intertype Publish and Print’s Actionable Feedback Policy: Fostering Engagement, Responsiveness, and Transparency

At Intertype Publish and Print, we value the input and feedback of our customers and the general public. We believe that constructive feedback is a catalyst for growth and improvement. To ensure that we maintain a strong connection with our stakeholders and continuously enhance our services, we have developed an actionable feedback policy. This policy outlines our approach to collecting, responding to, and prioritizing transparency in all feedback processes.

  1. Collection of Feedback:

a. Multiple Channels: Intertype Publish and Print maintains various channels to collect feedback, including online forms, surveys, email, social media, and direct communication channels. b. Proactive Solicitation: We actively seek feedback by periodically reaching out to customers and stakeholders to encourage open communication and gather valuable insights. c. Anonymous Feedback: We provide the option for individuals to provide anonymous feedback if they prefer to remain unidentified, fostering an environment of trust and openness.

  1. Responsiveness and Engagement:

a. Timely Response: We strive to respond to all feedback promptly, acknowledging receipt and setting realistic expectations for resolution timelines. b. Dedicated Contact Points: Intertype Publish and Print designate dedicated team members to handle feedback, ensuring that each concern is appropriately addressed and resolved. c. Personalized Approach: We approach each feedback case individually, taking the time to understand the specific concerns, needs, and expectations of the person providing feedback. d. Open Dialogue: We engage in a constructive dialogue with individuals providing feedback, seeking additional details and clarifications when needed to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the issue.

  1. Transparent Communication:

a. Regular Updates: We keep stakeholders informed about the progress and resolution of their feedback, providing timely updates and explanations regarding the actions taken. b. Public Responses: When appropriate, we respond to feedback publicly, demonstrating our commitment to transparency and accountability. c. Learning Opportunities: We view feedback as a valuable source of learning. We analyze recurring issues, identify trends, and use these insights to improve our processes, products, and services.

  1. Internal Feedback Loop:

a. Internal Dissemination: Feedback received is shared internally within Intertype Publish and Print, ensuring that relevant departments and team members are informed of customer concerns and suggestions. b. Continuous Improvement: We use feedback as a catalyst for internal improvement, making necessary adjustments, and implementing changes that enhance the overall customer experience.

  1. Documentation and Analysis:

a. Systematic Documentation: All feedback received is documented and categorized, creating a comprehensive record that allows us to identify patterns, track trends, and measure our progress in addressing specific issues. b. Data-Driven Approach: We analyze feedback data to identify common pain points, identify areas for improvement, and develop strategies to enhance our services and processes.


Intertype Publish and Print’s actionable feedback policy serves as a foundation for fostering engagement, responsiveness, and transparency with our customers and the general public. By collecting feedback through various channels, responding promptly and thoughtfully, and prioritizing transparency in our communications, we aim to strengthen our relationships with stakeholders and continuously improve our services. We are committed to creating a feedback-driven culture that embraces growth, customer-centricity, and innovation, ensuring that Intertype Publish and Print remain at the forefront of the publishing and printing industry.

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