See How Easily You Can Attract and Nurture Prospects

Printed marketing tools can track your prospects – from first awareness of your brand through to making a sale – and then further purchases and referrals given is incredibly important. Done correctly it can get you more clients who spend more money. Done badly you may be losing some of the prospects you put a lot of effort into trying to reach in the first place. Below I outline a 6 step process that you can follow in boosting your nurturing efforts.

Start with an effective Brochure and other Content – The best way to start your relationship is through providing your prospects with valuable content. This can be printed brochures or other content published online.

Google My Business – For most people, there is a geographic location that best suits their business. Whether intentional or not, businesses often find their Customers clustered in a certain area. Google My Business is a great tool and content platform. You can achieve page one ranking on Google super easy and in no time at all  

Follow Up In A Timely Manner – Another important part of the customer nurturing process is the follow up. As odd as it is, this is one of the biggest areas that trips up business owners and salespeople. When they are nurturing leads they get prospects in their funnel. They speak to a lot of people but then don’t follow up on the promises they’ve made. It could be because they’ve met a lot of prospects online and then struggle to keep up. They fail to deliver on their promises. You need to make sure that you’re following up. If you don’t follow up you’re ruining your credibility and you’re going to miss out on potential sales. If they need what you have to offer and you’re not there to provide for them chances are they just going to go to your competitor.

Lead Magnet To Collect Email Addresses – The lead magnet is becoming increasingly popular. Basically a lead magnet is a short, incredibly valuable piece of content that you can provide to your customers or to your prospects for free in exchange for their email address. That way you can follow up with them with an email series (potentially a postal series if you collect their physical address) and you can encourage them to keep interacting with your business until they’re ready to purchase your product or service.

Personalised Correspondence – There are plenty of tools available can help you do “personalised” correspondence. It is greatly appreciated by your target audience. It makes them feel like you’ve written your content just for them. The humble but forgotten about,  greeting cards such as Thank You. Birthday and Christmas are stand out winners.

Leverage the Power of PrintMuch of what’s mentioned above can be  implemented online, and yes this can seem low cost, it also very impersonal. Great looking printed products don’t have to be expensive and they can enhance your lead nurturing for a several reasons. They build your credibility as someone who provides quality, that you value their relationship and they are a little bit different so that they make you stand out from your competitors.

Whether online or offline I’ve outlined above a 6 step process that you can implement to improve your lead nurturing- leading to you turning more prospects into customers. Please let us know how you go with implementing some of these tactics by leaving a comment below.

Published On: June 24th, 2018 / Categories: Marketing Tips For Authors /

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