Is your pathway to Book Marketing success wishful thinking?

Book Marketing. Do you ever look at your competitors marketing and business activities and wonder how do they do it? Do you wonder why they are so much more successful than you and how you can get to be where they are?

I want to let you in on a little secret. They’re not that much more special than you. They may work harder but usually they work smarter. Paying attention to these three points would help you grow your own business and improve your chances of success

  1. Successful people have a plan to achieve their goals. Goals without a plan are just dreams and wishes. So when successful people set goals they set SMART goals. They set goals that are specific, that can be measured and can be achieved in a timely manner. By setting SMART goals they can put in place the appropriate plans and tactics to help them achieve these goals.
  2. Successful people pay a lot of attention to their marketing and sales processes. They work on processes that helped propel them forward so that even if they don’t achieve a lofty goal the processes that they have put in place it helps improve their life and improve the success of their business. The reason that they pay attention to these processes it is that processes can be improved. By putting in place processes it becomes easier to work out where something may have broken down and then work out how to improve it next time that it is implemented
  3. Success takes time. Successful book marketers don’t take shortcuts but are very careful on how the use their time. If there’s something on the to do list that they shouldn’t be doing they eliminate these tasks or outsource them. Some processes they may try to turn into an automatic process if it’s something that is repetitive. If it’s a process that needs to be done more than once then they try to make it easier to do every time it is repeated into the future.

The difference between successful people and everybody else is that successful people have their plans, they stick to their processes and they work to improve and optimise their processes every single day. Success doesn’t come through big massive immediate changes. Success comes through the systematic implementation of processes to achieve goals.

Published On: September 26th, 2019 / Categories: Marketing Tips For Authors /

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