Marketing and Sales Kits: so much than a quick thank you email with an attached contract or invoice.

What is your new customer experience? 

Are you like most businesses, send a quick thank you email with an attached contract or invoice? How do you think your new customer feels about that email?

Standing out from your competitors is a simple as thanking them properly.

Done correctly you will orient your new customer for the work ahead, make them feel welcome, set them up for success, and turn them into raving fans. One of the most powerful tools to accomplish this right off the bat is New Customer Welcome Kit.

New Customer Welcome Kits can be used in just about every industry, however, the contents will vary based on a wide range of factors. Type of sale, price, upsell potential, client life span, profitability are just a few pieces of information you should consider when creating your New Customer Welcome Kit.

What should you consider in your Marketing and Sales Kit?

Timing is important

Buyer’s remorse is a real thing and the driver behind most guarantee period redemptions. It can easily bring down a deal that you thought was closed or it may make the kick off process more difficult than it need be. The sooner you get your New Customer Welcome Kit into their hands the faster and easier it is to negate buyer’s remorse.

Welcome letter and/or thank you note
A handwritten note goes a long way these days and cuts through the impersonal nature of the much overused email.  If a handwritten note is not possible, include a pre-printed letter or thank you card which has been hand signed by you or your CEO. Sure it might not be the most fun signing 100 letters but think of each signature as a new closed sale and the process gets a little more exciting.

A printed invoice
Including an invoice will assist your customer to manage their tax requirements and is another opportunity to position your brand. Of course you invoice should be accurate but it must also follow branding guidelines including colours, fonts, logos etc. Your invoice should also make it easy to understand payment terms and methods and include easy to read contact details, URLs to websites and links to social media. Don’t forget that you can also include cross sell opportunities as well.

Contact information for members of the team
More than just a link to a “contact us” page here.  Include actual pictures, actual email addresses, actual phone numbers.  Customers understand that delivery is a team effort and love to have a connection with the people they are purchasing from. I like to include a short bio on their role along with some personal touches that makes them “more human”.

You may want to include some additional items in your New Customer Welcome Kit:

Introduction to success
Overview on how to get the most out of your products or services.   This could include best practices, FAQs, and “how to” content.

What to expect next
Will you be contacting the client to schedule a demo? Will they receive login details soon? Taking out the wonder and make the process as simple as possible is the goal here.

Pledge to clients
What is your plan to make sure the client is taken care of? What is your Mission? What are your company values? An overview of why you do what you do – how you make the world a better place for your clients. 

We appreciate you gifts
Imagine the “surprise and delight” your customer experiences when they receive something they weren’t expecting. This could be something related to your products or services or something completely unrelated. A small box of chocolates, and unique design (and brand) USB stick, a quality promotional pen, printed T shirts, embroidered caps and bottles of wine are just a few of the items Intertype’s clients include in their New Customer Welcome Kits.

Special Offers
This is a perfect time to highlight your other products and services so don’t forget to include catalogues, brochures or flyers. Why not include special offers or discount vouchers to make it easier for them to try something new from your range.

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