We see it all the time. Small business owners’ race off chasing the latest shinny marketing baubles in the vain hope that they will rescue their business BUT it never works. That’s because their marketing efforts aren’t built on solid foundations.

Without the foundations in place your marketing will crumble and your results will be disappointing not to mention the amount of time and money you waste.

At Intertype we use our concept of the Marketing Pyramid which highlights the importance of the most basic of marketing principles that most small businesses neglect to apply.

Just like the pyramids of ancient Egypt, marketing strategies and campaigns need solid foundations in order to work effectively.

Image if the Egyptian’s built their pyramids upside down with the pointy bit at the top being the foundation of their construction. You don’t need to be Einstein to work out that this isn’t going to work.

Why then do so many businesses build their marketing campaigns around the latest marketing gimmick?

Is it because the businesses are victims of the latest marketing fashion? Or is it because they don’t understand how important the marketing foundations are? Interestingly the promoters of the latest “bright shiny marketing object” (gimmick) generally do a great job of building solid foundations for their campaigns.

I think it is because, just like with houses, marketing foundations are invisible to the untrained eye and so they are not top of mind to most untrained “marketers”.

If you know what to look for you can actually see the foundations within many mainstream (read high budget) marketing campaigns. Next time you see an advertisement on the TV or in a magazine, look for the advertiser’s target audience and Unique Value Proposition. The big advertisers usually have done their marketing homework (built the foundations) and this is reflected in their campaigns.

While doing this exercise you should also look at the efforts of smaller businesses. You will note that many aren’t communicating to a defined target market and have weak or non-existent UVPs. The most obvious examples can be found in 95% of websites and advertisements within local newspapers.

If your marketing efforts don’t seem to be getting the results that they should or you wish to kick off a marketing campaign STOP. Get your foundations in order before you go any further. Do this well and your marketing will kick competitive butt.

Intertype is different from other printers because we help build the Foundation and Process Design elements of the Marketing Pyramid. This is a core element of converting you cost of print into a profit making investment.

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