Discover the essential role of finished artwork in graphic design for printing. Learn how to ensure print-ready files, optimize quality, and avoid common errors with expert tips and best practices.

Under appreciate the “finished artwork” process at your peril!!!
Yes, you’ve been warned…screw with this vital function and you will greatly increase the risk that the visual aspects of your marketing material will be “off brand” while your production costs will skyrocket. Every day in Intertype’s printing division we see just how badly this function is performed and the impact on Marketing ROI is significant with project delays being inevitable.

In the graphic design World, a Finished Artist works with the structure and layout of images and text for both printed and online digital media. This can include artwork for magazines, websites, brochures, flyers, books, catalogues, posters, point of sale, websites, social media sites and email.

The Finished Artist role is about taking elements from multiple sources, such as clients, image libraries, creative Graphic Designers or Art Directors, laying it out on a page with appealing typefaces and images utilizing a variety of layout techniques. The finished artist is often more technical than creative. When creating finished art for print they will typically draw on a deep understanding of the printing and finishing processes to ensure the artwork will faithfully reproduce the desired creative and brand requirements. A Finished Artist’s role requires exceptional attention to detail and the ability to take layouts from finished art often to pre-press and digital ready states.

Nowadays the main software used is the Adobe Suite including InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator each of which require deep understanding and extensive experience. These are often supplemented with a range of support design & management tools such as Canva, Crayon, Zoom etc.

Some graphic designers straddle the creative and technical roles when it comes to creating artwork while many also take on the project management tasks required to deliver a successful campaign. While they do exist it is very rare to find a graphic designer who is great at all three campaign aspects. For this reason Intertype has created a unique “Collaborative Finished Artwork” service. This World’s First innovation allows graphic designers to focus on the important, creative visual aspects and they no longer have to worry about the technical output requirements of the Adobe Creative Suite and the complex issue of having a deep understanding of the ever changing production processes simply goes away. A big win for Marketers and Graphic Designers.

Published On: July 26th, 2016 / Categories: Graphic Design /

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