Printing Takes the Headache Out of Maintaining Client Relationships

Professionally printed materials are the fast track way to build credibility and valuable, long-term client relationships.

Most businesses put all of their efforts into getting new customers but forget the value of keeping great relationships with their existing client database. In most circumstances and most industries it’s a lot cheaper and a lot easier to up-sell or resell to existing clients than it is to try to find new clients.

The problem is that many business owners say “I’m too busy for customer engagement.” It’s ridiculous – it doesn’t take that much time and effort to keep in touch with clients and to keep your brand top of mind when existing customers are looking for your product or service again.

Physical NewsletterThese days everyone will tell you to send an email newsletter. Email Marketing has it’s place but the evidence show’s there’s incredible value in creating a regular physical newsletter. The main reason for this is that it makes your business stand out. People appreciate getting printed newsletters. People are more likely to pay attention to a printed newsletter, one that is sent to them in an envelope. It’s much harder to “delete” an envelope than it is to delete an email.

Calendars or other printed products with your branding on them – Obviously you are already providing your existing customers with a valuable product or service, but there is an incredibly cost effective way for you to add further value to your customers. You could provide your customers with useful, branded, promotional products, to reinforce the value of your brand. Useful printed products might include – calendars, note pads, USB sticks, custom printed diaries, Thank You cards, Christmas cards or other similar products. It depends on what industry you are in as to which printed items will provide the most value

Post sales documents throughout the Customer Lifecycle – When a prospect becomes a customer there is always the possibility that they will face frustrations throughout the Customer Lifestyle. Often times, these frustrations are a result of a lack of information – a lack of fully understanding what is going on at different stages. If you can manage a new customer’s expectations throughout their time as a customer, it becomes much easier to keep them as a customer and to maintain positive relationships. This is why customer kits work so well…they educate and deliver an amazing WOW factor.

Printed products are a great way to stay top of mind and maintain customer relationships. Newsletters, post-sales printed items and customer lifecycle documents are just three things that you can easily implement to ensure your own customer management is improved. Reach out if you want to explore how Intertype can help you take your customer relationships to the next level.

INSRKTIV published a comprehensive article on 10 Ways to Improve The Customer Journey which I think you will appreciate.

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