The reality is people buy from those they Know Like and Trust AND they trust the physical World more than the Online World.  The issue is the vast majority of us are sceptical of the businesses we encounter online…the scams, the spam, the fly-by-nighters are way more prevalent in the online World. But there are some simple tools you can use to bridge that credibility gap and the good news is that they have been tried and tested from well before the Internet was even invented.

First Impressions Count

In business, first impressions count. If you want to leave a great first impression one of the best ways that you can do this is through using high-quality printed products – brochures, flyers, books or the like. With costs coming down and technology improving you can get high-quality designs and printed stock for an incredibly cost-effective price. Leaving behind well-designed, quality printed products is a great way to start developing your relationship.

Case Studies & Testimonials Sell Your Service Better Than You Can

One of the best things that you could consider getting printed is a brochure containing case studies and testimonials. If you meet with a prospect you can leave behind your printed testimonials and case studies. Testimonials help in the selling process. If a prospective client sees that similar companies are growing their own businesses through using your product or service then the sales process is partially done. It helps build trust that you can deliver on any promises that you have made. Sharing these testimonials in a high-quality printed testimonial booklet just adds to your credibility.

A Picture Tells A Thousand Words

The idea that a picture tells a thousand words seems so obvious but it is so often underutilised. If you deliver sales presentations as part of your sales process you should definitely look at creating sales brochures that use photographs, diagrams or infographics – any image really that will be helpful in you selling your product or service. These printed images can be a reminder to your prospect, a reminder that you leave behind after your first sales meeting, of the benefits that they will receive when purchasing your product or service.

Create valuable Lead Magnets

Lead magnets have become popular online but there’s no reason that you can’t use a printed lead magnet to help you grow your business. A lead magnet is a valuable piece of content that you provide a prospect in exchange for some contact information – usually a name or email address. A well-laid-out and printed lead magnet that provides a stack of useful information for your client, or potential client and prospects, it’s a great way for them to build trust that you know what you’re talking about.

The right printing is a great marketing tool and can do an excellent job of helping you boost your credibility. The wrong printing can just as quickly damage your credibility. If your printing is shoddy, if your documents look cheap, then chances are your potential customers will think that your business is cheap they will may not trust your product or service make sure you get the right printing to boost your credibility.

Published On: September 28th, 2017 / Categories: Marketing Tips For Authors /

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