How to Write Articles: It’s a fact. The search engines love content and the community you serve loves content that delivers value.  By creating value delivering article and blog posts you can kill the “two birds with one stone”. The trouble is; creating articles can be a very time consuming process…until now. This article shows how I turn out 500 word “value delivering” articles in under 30 minutes.

Create a list of article ideas

Ideas can come at when you least expect it. I find if I sit down & try to come up with ideas I seem to hit a mental block. My best ideas come when I not actively thinking about ideas. But I would often forget the idea before I get around to writing about it.

Now when an idea presents itself I note in the Reminder app on my phone. Problem solved & I always have a ready source of ideas to write about.

Turn ideas into community value

When I write an article or blog post, I take an idea that is relevant to my business, and then I ask how I can write an article that will be helpful to the community I serve.

Use a framework to guide you through the writing process

You’re probably like me; you don’t have a whole lot of time to write award winning articles. I’ve found using t a simple framework that I’ve halved the time required. I’ve also found that my articles are starting to take on a style that my community can easily identify…sort of like a brand identity for my articles.

1.) Create a title that sparks interest in the idea
2.) Find a good picture that supports the idea
3.) Write an introductory paragraph in a conversational tone that outlines the key value to be gained from the story.
4.) Subhead: reiterate the main point.
5.) Paragraph: make the main point.
6.) Subhead/Paragraph: example on the point.
7.) Subhead/Paragraph: another example (if necessary).
8.) Give a strong close with clear instructions and/or Call to Action (click here, leave a comment or pose a question)

In my printing business I use this approach for just about every article I produce, Visit to see for yourself.

Published On: February 26th, 2018 / Categories: Marketing Tips For Authors /

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