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In today’s fast paced world your customers and prospects don’t have time to open envelopes, read covering letters and absorb the contents of your brochures. Besides traditional direct mail can cost a fortune.

At Intertype the simple postcard is one of our most powerful marketing tools. No matter what business you’re in, postcards can help you stand out and get noticed in a crowded market.

The top three advantages of a well-executed postcard campaign are:

  1. They are fast and easy to produce
  2. They are cheap to send out
  3. They get read!!!!

Postcards have a wide variety of uses however they tend to fall into three main categories:

  • Generate Leads with Postcards

This is so easy and you can improve your health at the same time. One of the tactics I use at Intertype is to drop a postcard into letterboxes as I go for my daily lunchtime walk. I’ve developed several different walking routes which allows me to get my brand into over 500 businesses every month with no distribution cost. My ROI is over 500% and growing.

Of course you can go big time and use Australia Post or distribution companies to expand your reach however you need to maintain the process as your results improve the more an individual business is exposed to your brand.

  • Cross Selling to Current Customers

From my own personal experience this tactic is used by less than 5% of businesses however you probably have seen this approach with your own personal purchases. At Intertype we include a cross promotional postcard with our deliveries. We have developed a range of cross promo postcards for our different market segments along with seasonal promotions. Again ROI is over 500%.

  • Maintaining Customer Contact

Intertype’s modern digital printing platform allows us to merge our customer contact details into the design of a postcard. This capability makes it very easy and fast to reach out to our existing customers with seasonal promotional offers, new product releases and press announcements. The key focus for us is to build brand awareness and deepen relationships so accurately measuring ROI isn’t as easy nor as important however the customer loyalty it helps to build is priceless.

So what makes a great postcard? Having used postcard marketing for over 10 years I have identified the top three elements that successful postcards have in common (and it’s not rocket science)

  1. Strong headlines and tag lines that drive home your value proposition
  2. Graphic design that supports your brand and your offer
  3. Call to action

How simple is that?????

Published On: November 30th, 2016 / Categories: Marketing Tips For Authors /

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