Intertype takes out the prestigious Best In Show at this years Pixi Awards. 

SYDNEY, Australia – 15 January, 2020 – Fuji Xerox Australia has announced the winners of its annual PIXI (Printing Innovation with Xerox Imaging) Awards. Now in its 12th year the annual award honours the most outstanding and innovative digitally printed pieces by users of Fuji Xerox solutions across the Asia Pacific region.

The 2019 PIXI Awards attracted more than 240 entries from Australia, Greater China, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam with 24 award categories available for entry. These included the Application-based Category, Print Technology Sector Category, and an all-new Best Use of Creative Design Category allowing printers to showcase the multi-faceted functions of the Iridesse™ Production Press.

Out of the 43 award recipients in total; with 22 winners and 21 runners-up in all categories, 31 award-winning applications were produced by the Iridesse™ Production Press, including the winner of the “Best in Show” category.

“We are beyond proud to announce that Intertype, a Fuji Xerox Australia Premier Partner, has taken the top spot as the winner in the Best in Show category with the submission of their Designer Education Kit. The kit itself educates its own customers on how the Iridesse™ can be used whilst showcasing its own leading innovation in design with 6 colour print. It’s great to see this type of work coming out of Australia, but given the standards of cutting-edge creativity in print offered by Intertype this result is not surprising! says Roger Labrum, Senior Marketing Manager, Graphic Communication Services, Fuji Xerox Australia.

Intertype Managing Director Ian Bosler says, “Given the high volume of quality entries across the region we were really delighted to take out not only top honours with our Best in Show entry but also the Company Self Promotion winning award. It is great to be recognised by industry leaders and our peers regionally. The Iridesse™ has certainly changed our business and business for our customers so it was exciting to be able to showcase our Designer Education Kit to this large industry audience!”

The panel of judges comprised of print industry experts such as Paul Callaghan, publisher and chairperson of the Asian Print Awards, Major Wong Wing Kwong, veteran in the industry, and the newly appointed judge Paul Hornsby, managing director of Tree House Design. Entries were assessed by print quality, appropriate use of digital technology, degree of innovation, business effectiveness and overall aesthetics.

“We saw an increase in usage of special colours like gold, silver, and other metallics in not only the competition but the industry as well,” said Paul Callaghan, who is also Head of the 2019 PIXI Awards Panel of Judges. “What we see in print capabilities today was considered almost impossible just a few years ago.”

The winning applications will be showcased in Fuji Xerox Graphic Communication Service in Tokyo, Japan and at local and regional Graphic Communication industry events.

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