The Future Of Printing Has Arrived

Don’t Wait…..Check Out The Future Today

Digital printing services in Melbourne with short-run finishing is the fastest growing segment in the printing industry and it’s easy to understand why. It is convenient, cost effective, environmentally friendly and the quality is exceptional. Australian businesses are taking advantage of digital printing and are enjoying the benefits.

The Future of Printing is Digital

Xerox printer
Print quality is paramount. Using the latest print platforms from Xerox and Epson means that your digital printing will always be of the highest quality available anywhere in the world.

Colour is important to you. Our printers are fitted with Xerox’s most sophisticated colour management system available in the world today. This is backed by systems that ensure the presses are constantly calibrated.

Save cost by mixing B&W and colour printing. Our printers are specially configured to print documents that contain a mix colour & B&W pages within one print file. This means that you save money by only paying for colour printing when it is actually used.

Variable print will increase your marketing effectiveness. The latest variable print software will personalise your print to a level that you never thought possible and watch your marketing ROI soar.

The Future of Finishing is Short Run

Saddle Stitch

Finishing needs to be economical but above all it has to be fast in the modern world we live in. Fast finishing options include:

  • Matt or gloss celloglazing
  • Laminating Mounting Saddle stitching
  • Perfect binding
  • Wiro binding
  • Plastic coil binding…and the list goes on

The Future is Printing On Demand

Print On Demand

No longer do you have to be saddled with massive inventory in order to have something printed. Today you can have your printed items produced and shipped within hours which means:

  • No more wasted stock if orders don’t eventuate
  • No more inventory clogging up your office
  • Eliminate the cash flow drain associated with traditional approaches to printing
  • Ensure your clients only receive the latest version

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