A Well Designed, Quality Printed Letterhead And With Compliments Slip Will Give You The Professional Edge


We believe that your letterhead and with compliments slip are valuable but often under utilised marketing and sales tools that should be within every businesses marketing ands sales tool kit.

Why Do You Need A Letterhead and With Compliments Slip?

Compared to the often over used email communication, the use of printed letterheads and with compliments slips screams out to your customers that you:

  1. Believe that your business relationships are highly important to you,
  2. Operate your business in a highly professional manner,
  3. Take that little extra care that is often missing in today’s business world.

Web 2 Print Letterhead and With Compliments Slip Online ordering

Does your business regularly order letter head and with compliments slips?It may be worth exploring Intertype’s web to print platform. The key benefits of the platform are:

Saves Time

You can go online and modify your letterhead and with compliments slips details and receive an immediate proof. With just a little practise you will have your letterhead and with compliments slips proofed and order placed in minutes. The platform’s inbuilt workflow will facilitate internal signoffs and approvals at the click of a button.

Your letterhead and with compliments slips order can also be shipped direct to the employee no mater where they are located anywhere in the World. This saves double handling, time and freight costs.

Saves Money

The online letterhead and with compliments slips ordering platform reduces Intertypes time and costs. These savings are passed onto you by way of lower prices.

Standard Letterhead And With Compliments Slips Dimensions

The reality is that Intertype can print custom letterhead and with compliments slips dimensions, the trouble is that custom dimensions may not work to your advantage as a marketing tool, so be careful when trying to create a letterhead and with compliments slips that stands out and gets noticed.

The standard letter head size in Australia is 297 x 210mm or A4 and is well suited for efficient letterhead printing and finishing. The standard with compliments slip size in Australia is 210 x 99mm or DL which is one third the size of your letterhead.