The file format of your design is a critical aspect that can impact the final print quality. Different printing companies may have different preferences and requirements for file formats, but there are a few common formats that are widely accepted in the industry.

The most commonly used file format for commercial printing is Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF). PDFs are versatile and can be opened on any device with a PDF reader. They also preserve the integrity of your design and ensure that your colours and fonts are accurate.

It’s important to note that file formats such as Microsoft Word (.doc) or Powerpoint (.ppt) are not recommended for commercial printing as they are not designed for high-quality printing and can result in low-resolution images and poor colour accuracy.

It’s always best to check with Intertype Publishing and Printing for specific file format requirements before submitting your commencing to create your artwork. By using the right file format, you can ensure that your final printed product meets your expectations and looks professional.